Seth Meyers says Republicans can’t defend Trump’s abuses of power

Seth Meyer (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Inc)
Seth Meyer (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Time Inc) /

In “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers argued that President Donald Trump’s corruption has reached a tipping point that has become indefensible for Republicans.

Since President Donald Trump took office, there has never been just one controversy or scandal swirling around his White House. It means that President Trump and his Republican allies have been in a near constant state of defense and deflection. But according to Seth Meyers, that defense has collapsed in the wake of the impeachment inquiry and Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds.

The defense of President Trump has become one of the defining themes in Late Night with Seth Meyers‘s “A Closer Look” segments. Meyers and his writers seem to have accepted that there is no changing Trump and he will continue to live in a world where criticism is a witch hunt and he can do no wrong.

So instead “A Closer Look” has spent more time examining the Republicans and Fox News personalities that are steadfast in their dedication to President Trump. Even if it means contradicting their own values or past positions, some GOP lawmakers have hitched their wagon to the Trump train and can’t get off it.

Meyers sees cracks in the Republican defense strategy. In Thursday night’s “A Closer Look,” he described Republicans as “flailing” in their attempts to de-legitimize the impeachment inquiry and downplay the situation with the Kurds in Syria.

Seth Meyers lays out why supporting or aligning with President Donald Trump is a mistake in the first place. Meyers says that Trump views every interaction as a transaction and has no real loyalty to anyone but himself. The President has proven that by abandoning the Kurds and by the way he treats former staff members.

“A Closer Look” then proves how Trump’s approach to relationships is becoming more apparent as heat from the impeaching inquiry increases. Republicans like Senator Mitch McConnell are being put in a position where they must either play along with the President’s lies or publicly deny what he says as fact.

Meyers sums up the state of Republicans with his punchlines on “quid pro quo.” The argument has evolved from “there was no quid pro quo” to “there was no quo” because Ukraine didn’t know military aid was being withheld. It sets up perfectly for Meyers to conclude that those defending President Trump definitely aren’t pros.

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Seth Meyers sounds confident that the facts are clear and rising support for impeachment proves that Republicans have failed to defend President Donald Trump. Yet many in the GOP are too committed to Trump to turn back now, ensuring that they will be featured in more segments of “A Closer Look” to come.