Paul Rudd shows a must-see Living With Yourself clip on Conan

Paul Rudd’s new Netflix series Living With Yourself is creating a lot of buzz and this clip proves why.

Paul Rudd has been a fan-favorite actor since Clueless. Anyone wishing to get more Paul Rudd should check out his Netflix series Living With Yourself. The show features not one but two Paul Rudds, satisfying all your Rudd needs.

Living With Yourself has been getting positive reviews and that is in large part due to the draw of Rudd. We’ll avoid any spoilers but the basic premise is that a man is cloned with the expectation that the replica will take his spot in life. When that doesn’t happen, there are then two versions of the same person that clash.

Rudd joins the growing list of A-list actors and actresses who have signed on for a Netflix series. During his appearance on Conan, the actor commented on the golden age of television we are now in and the challenges of keeping up with popular shows like The Crown and Game of Thrones.

When it came to discussing Living With Yourself, Rudd hyped up a clip from the first episode that would encourage fans to binge the entire series. Watch for yourself and see if you have the same reaction as Conan O’Brien.

Longtime Conan fans knew it was coming the second they saw Paul Rudd on the guest list. If you’re unfamiliar with this gag then welcome to one of the longest running bits in late night television history.

Rudd has been showing that same clip from the 1988 sci-fi movie Mac and Me since 2004. It was during the Late Night with Conan O’Brien days that Rudd first started the bait-and-switch joke to prank both O’Brien and the audience.

Since first doing it with the series finale of Friends, Rudd has pulled the same stunt no matter what project he’s promoting with O’Brien. That includes Ant-Man and Anchorman 2. Each new movie that Rudd is in typically has a lot of hype around it. Fans are eager to see whatever they can before the movies hit theaters. This plays right into Rudd’s hands as he can then hit them with the Mac and Me clip.

Living With Yourself has actually caused some controversy with one clip that made its way online. Slight spoiler ahead, but not one that ruins the plot. A cameo by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady caused some to speculate he was  taking a shot at team owner Robert Kraft. Kraft had some legal issues involving a strip mall spa similar to the one Brady appears at in Living With Yourself.

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Paul Rudd’s Conan clip is a little less controversial and a little more entertaining than Brady’s. Chances are that fans can hear more about this gag between Rudd and Conan O’Brien when the actor appears on the “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend Podcast” this season. Stay tuned.

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