New Mean Tweets roasts Will Ferrell, Maisie Williams and more


Jimmy Kimmel Live released Mean Tweets 12 proving there is no shortage of hate on Twitter.

Twitter has been full of news and reaction from Washington, D.C. over the past few days. Any political scandal brings with it a certain level of nastiness and vitriol online. Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to take a break from all that to deliver nastiness and vitriol aimed at celebrities in the latest edition of “Mean Tweets.”

“Mean Tweets” quickly became one of Jimmy Kimmel’s most popular segments. Each edition has gone viral, be it featuring NBA players, country musicians, or just a random collection of famous people.

Any hope that the bit would deter people from anonymously attacking others online went out the window a long time ago. “Mean Tweets” doesn’t exactly align with First Lady Melania Trump’s “#BeBest” campaign but rather is more in line with her husband’s use of Twitter. Kimmel knows this better than most, having covered President Trump’s Twitter outbursts and engaging in his own back-and-forth with Donald Trump, Jr.

But for whatever reason, people seem to enjoy “Mean Tweets” directed at celebrities much more than they do political tweets. Jimmy Kimmel Live! delivered on Wednesday night, showing that popular celebrities like Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, and David Spade aren’t immune to hate.

The more editions of “Mean Tweets” we get, the more prepared the celebrities seem to be to hear the worst. This means that many of them are quick with a response. Those comebacks are often much more entertaining than the initial insult.

David Spade, Chris Rock, and Sarah Paulson prove this by firing back at their anonymous Twitter haters. Insulting a stand up comedian seems like an especially risky move. The odds of a random person on Twitter insulting Spade or Rock to the point they are thrown off or can’t response are not too high.

But Euphoria and Spider-Man: Far From Home star Zendaya may be the highlight of this one. A bizarre tweet about her feet smelling results in a perfect answer from Zendaya as she holds up her Louboutin heels.

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Jeff Goldblum and Fred Savage are a couple more surprising names to hear get bashed online. At this point, if you’re famous or were famous at any point, there is someone on Twitter with something mean to say. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, those mean tweets get their time in the spotlight.