Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon move their way through dance history

Jennifer Lopez joined Jimmy Fallon to show us the history of music video dancing on The Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon knows how to use a guest’s talents for all sorts of games, bits, and sketches. So it’s not surprising that seemingly every time Jennifer Lopez visits the show, she ends up dancing.

It started years ago with the bizarre, silly, and entertaining sketch “Tight Pants.” From there, Jimmy Fallon and his team must have known that Lopez was game for just about anything when coming on the show.The dancing duo of Lopez and Fallon continued with a dance battle, a speed dancing competition, and a dance that was once promised during an Oscars after-party. Safe to say that the pair have a long history of dancing.

The history of dancing was the inspiration for the latest clip from Lopez and Fallon. Specifically, the history of dancing in music videos. Jennifer Lopez is the perfect person for the concept considering she released her first music video in 1999 and her latest just this year.

Starting with MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This and going all the way through to Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, the two dance their way through some of biggest hits and best music videos of all time. Watch the clip to see if your favorite moves made the cut:

1990 to 2019 is a pretty long time. That may have been as far back as Jimmy Fallon could go without passing out. Of course, just about everyone looks out of shape next to Jennifer Lopez but Fallon was definitely dancing up a sweat.

The next time Lopez is on The Tonight Show they could probably do a history of just her music videos. Hopefully that won’t be too soon though as Fallon may need a little more time to recover from those treadmills.

What is your favorite dance from a music video? Did you get to see Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon pull it off? Let us know in the comments and keep checking in with Last Night On for more from The Tonight Show and the rest of late night.