Friends gets rebooted for 2019 by Late Night with Seth Meyers

Fans calling for a reboot of Friends may want to reconsider that after seeing these episode ideas from Seth Meyers.

From the moment Friends went off the air, fans have wanted it to come back. Syndication and Netflix streams have proven that the sitcom’s audience is as big as ever. But is Friends in 2019 a good idea?

That question was answered by a New York Times article examining all the reasons why Friends won’t be coming back. A big part of the piece is the challenges that would come with updating the show for 2019 with fresh ideas.

And while today’s sitcoms seem to have no shortage of ideas for episode plots, it would be a little harder to find stories for the six beloved characters of Friends. So maybe the 236 episodes fans were given are all there will ever be.

That is unless the writers and creators turn to Seth Meyers for help. The Late Night host drew up some ideas for how Friends can in fact exist in 2019 with these episodes:

Whether these episode ideas would encourage or discourage fans from calling for a reboot is debatable. But Seth Meyers proves there is no shortage of ways Joey, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica can stay on television and stay current.

Fans of the sitcom know that new episodes or a reboot is a pipe dream. The stars of the show have all moved on and don’t actually seem interested in revisiting the series. Joey the Trump supporter and Ross with a manbun probably aren’t enough to sway their opinions.

So that means for now, fans will have to hang on to the closest thing to a reboot we’ve seen. And it just so happens to be thanks to another late night host:

Friends remains one of the most popular and influential television shows of all-time. It is also a quintessential part of ’90s pop culture. And despite all of Seth Meyers’s ideas, Friends seems destined to stay in the ’90s.