Jimmy Kimmel Live’s mystery musical guest: Who could it be?

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 07: Jimmy Kimmel attends an evening with Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on August 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 07: Jimmy Kimmel attends an evening with Jimmy Kimmel at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on August 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images) /

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has a mystery musical guest scheduled for three nights this week. Who could it be?

We have another late night mystery on our hands. Just a few weeks after special guest took over all of late night, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is getting back in to the surprise game. This time, it’s a musical guest, or guests, that fans are trying to uncover.

The last late night mystery guest turned out to be Will Ferrell. The Saturday Night Live legend brought back his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy to promote season two of “The Ron Burgundy Podcast.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! was among the shows that featured Ferrell that night. Now the ABC show is promoting a “mystery musical guest” for Sept. 10, 11, and 12. It is unclear if this is the same musical act or three separate surprises.

As expected, the fandom for just about every major pop act in the music industry is hoping that their favorite artist will be the one showing up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. But smart money should be on someone with a new album or tour to promote. So who could it be? Let’s take a look at some of the evidence for some possible answers.


Rihanna was a frontrunner for the mystery guest that turned out to be Ferrell. Initial reports said it was a “major female singer” that was taking over late night. Rihanna fans have been eager to hear new music from her for years now so it seemed plausible that taking over late night television would be one way to announce her return.

That did not end up being the case but that hasn’t stopped Rihanna fans from keeping hope alive. Three late night performances could be a more efficient way to launch a new album or set of singles. And it’s not like Rihanna hasn’t pulled off a stunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live! before:

John Mayer

John Mayer is a popular artist who is no stranger to late night talk shows. He also just released a second single of 2019 on Sept. 6 titled Carry Me Away.

The one thing that could dismiss Mayer as the guest is his tour schedule. He is set to play in San Diego on Sept. 10, making it very unlikely that he could be taping with Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Hollywood. However, Mayer’s dates for the 11th and 12th are much closer at The Forum in Inglewood.

There is nothing saying that it will be a live performance so its possible Kimmel could play a pretaped song from Mayer from San Diego or anywhere else. The last time Mayer and Kimmel pulled of a surprise it was when the musician appeared as Hank “the Hawk” Knutley.

Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer

This is a darkhorse pick and Last Night On’s pick for the mystery guest(s). Three bands that have a lot of rumors swirling around them would be perfect for three nights of special musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Thanks to online leaks, a new Weezer song made its way online. That was followed by leaked album art for a new release from Green Day. Then an Instagram account popped up featuring Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wearing a shirt with Weezer’s logo and the initials F.O.B. Armstrong hinted at an announcement on Sept. 10 that looks like a tour featuring the three rock bands.

It’s not clear if Fall Out Boy have any new music to release. The band’s last album, Mania, came out in Jan. 2018.

All three bands have popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the past. Fans have seen them either as musical guests or featured in an edition of “Mean Tweets.”

A tour announcement on Sept. 10 followed by the three bands appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! would be a nice way to build hype for shows that will already be wildly popular. Or maybe all three bands will appear each night with a something special planned.

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Who do you think will be Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s musical guest or guests? Let us know your best guess in the comment section. Be sure to check in with Last Night On for more updates, news, and highlights.