Late night television’s best fantasy football interviews and bits

To help kick off fantasy football season, we look back at some of the best moments from late night.

The start of the 2019-2020 NFL season is just days away. And with the start of the new season also comes the start of fantasy football leagues. Given its popularity, it is no surprise that fantasy football has been a popular topic on late night shows, too.

The history of fantasy football dates back to 1963. From tracking stats in the newspaper to online leagues and now daily fantasy apps, the game has evolved quite a bit since then. There is no doubt that the NFL has noticed and even adjusted some of its rules and marketing to satisfy fantasy football players around the world.

Late night television has always tried to reflect pop culture, featuring the most popular celebrities, musicians, and trends of the particular time. There is no doubt that fantasy football has crossed over from a niche hobby to a massive industry. With that huge following, the game has found its way into the monologues, sketches, and interviews of almost every late night television show.

We already know that late night and the NFL will have a closer relationship than ever this season. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon will air special episodes following select Sunday Night Fooball games on NBC this season.

So whether you have already completed your fantasy fooball draft or it is yet to come, Last Night On is here to help get you in the mood with help from late night. Enjoy these interviews and bits that prove fantasy football really is a worldwide phenomenon.

Week one of the NFL season kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 5 with a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. As the season goes on, fans should absolutely expect to see plenty of football related content coming from late night shows. Keep checking in with Last Night On and good luck to all the fantasy football players out there!