Jimmy Kimmel ranks the five worst tattoos in the NBA

Jimmy Kimmel made his picks for the worst tattoos on display in the NBA.

NBA players are the most visible athletes among the four major sports. They aren’t hidden under helmets or other heavy equipment. It’s part of the reason that the league’s stars become so popular. It also leaves them open to critiques, as Jimmy Kimmel did by ranking the worst tattoos in the NBA.

Kimmel was back on Thursday night with another primetime show to celebrate the start of the NBA Finals. But Kimmel wasn’t exactly putting out the most positive of vibes prior to the Golden State Warriors facing off against the Toronto Raptors.

He brought the negativity with a special NBA edition of “Mean Tweets.” Players like Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons were roasted by some absolutely nasty basketball fans. NBA Twitter is far and away meaner than anything said about musicians and actors on the social media platform.

“Mean Tweets” wasn’t enough for Kimmel. He took time out from the show to share his thoughts on some of the worst tattoos sported by players in the NBA. The late night host started the segment off by calling out Raptors superfan Drake over his tattoos celebrating Durant and Steph Curry:

Apologies to John Wall, Dejounte Murray, Reggie Miller, Derrick Rose, and Lonzo Ball but they were all call out out by Kimmel. And based on the audience reaction, many fans agreed with Kimmel’s picks.

Kimmel’s pick about how the NBA Finals would play out was a different story. He seemed pretty confident that the Warriors would have no trouble with the Raptors. But after a 118-109 win in Game 1, the Raptors have an early lead in the series.

But Kimmel is paid to make people laugh not to predict NBA games. His tattoo jokes weren’t nearly as harsh as the “Mean Tweets,” though. That may be why none of the guys Kimmel called out have responded via Twitter but we’ll keep an eye out.

Do you agree with Jimmy Kimmel’s list? Did he forget about anyone else with a bad tattoo? Let everyone know in the comment section. Most Jimmy Kimmel Live! fans are waiting to see Guillermo from media day at the NBA Finals. When that gets released, you can be sure Last Night On will have it covered.