Jimmy Kimmel challenges young people to read a clock and they fail

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /

The latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “Can You Do It?” challenged young people to tell time on an “old” clock.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! may appeal to a younger late night audience but that doesn’t mean they are safe from ridicule. In fact, millennials have become a favorite target of Jimmy Kimmel for some time now.

The 51-year-old Kimmel has been fascinated with how younger people understand everything from historical events to everyday events from “his day.” We’ve seen Kimmel pit millennials against senior citizens in a game show. He’s also developed a recurring bit called “Can You Do It?” that challenges younger people to complete seemingly simple tasks.

The latest challenge was all about clocks. Between digital clocks and smartphones, it appears that younger people have forgotten all about analog clocks. Reading the hands can be tricky, especially if we’re talking about a clock with Roman numerals. See for yourself as these young people struggled to complete Kimmel’s latest challenge:

It was exactly the generation’s best and brightest that made it in to this clip. In fairness, these kids may have been in the minority. Kimmel didn’t need a ton of examples for his bit to land. But you can even hear someone in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience cheering an incorrect answer, proving that this may be a common problem after all.

If you’re familiar with this bit on Kimmel’s show then you know that reading a clock was one of the simplest tasks in a series of fairly simple tasks. Kimmel isn’t the first or only person in late night mocking millennials but he’s doing it better than everyone else.

There are more examples out there that make this generation look pretty bad. We’re talking about difficulties in naming a country and opening a can of paint. There really is no limit to what Kimmel and his writers can come up with to challenge people on the street so we’ll be seeing this bit for a long time.

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Of course, this premise can cut both ways. There are plenty of young people who would roll their eyes at the sight of an older person attempting something with technology or online. So hopefully no one out there is taking Jimmy Kimmel’s joke too seriously or projecting the results of these challenges over an entire generation.