Saturday Night Live’s 10 best sketches from this season

Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)
Saturday Night Live (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC) /
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6. Best Christmas Ever

The Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live is one of the more highly anticipated shows of each season. For the Dec. 15, 2018 episode, the show brought in Matt Damon to host. It ended up being tied for the highest rated episode of the season along with the season premiere and Adam Sandler’s episode in May.

Damon certainly delivered. He had already made his mark on the show during the premiere with a surprise cameo as Brett Kavanaugh in the cold open (stay tuned). The show wisely turned to him again for the Christmas show even though Damon didn’t have anything in particular to promote.

The best sketch of that terrific episode was “Best Christmas Ever.” Similar to the “Romano Tours,” this one was hilarious but also may have been a bit too real for some viewers. Whether you are a parent who could relate or a younger person who saw themselves in the terrorizing children, there was something for you in this sketch. No doubt it was shared countless times at Christmas parties all across the country.

The sketch also demonstrates just how far these pre-recorded bits have come in the past few years. The production and direction are incredible. While nothing beats a live sketch, these bits continue to offer something different for the audience and continue to deliver laughs.