Tonight’s new Real Time with Bill Maher features Trump’s top critic in Congress

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 23: Bill Maher attends a DuJour Magazine celebration of 12 seasons of REAL TIME with Bill Maher at UP
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 23: Bill Maher attends a DuJour Magazine celebration of 12 seasons of REAL TIME with Bill Maher at UP /

The top guest on tonight’s new Real Time with Bill Maher is a politician who has clashed with President Trump several times.

It has been another busy week in the world of politics. It’s difficult to recall a week where that didn’t seem like the case. But the past few days certainly stand out based on the headlines out of Washington. All of it adds up to plenty of material for Real Time with Bill Maher.

The HBO has been back for a month now and Bill Maher has found himself right back in the thick of things. Season 16 had a lot of highlights and memorable interviews but the 17th edition of Real Time picked up right where that one left off.

Maher has already sat down with some pretty big names since January. Ann Coulter, Rahm Emanuel, and Will Hurd are among those who have been interviewed. And while his guests come from diverse backgrounds, Maher has been visited by more and more people who don’t see things ending well for President Donald Trump.

Of course, this is exactly what Maher expects to hear considering how he has reacted to Trump’s campaign, inauguration, and time in office. But with news earlier this week suggesting that Robert Mueller’s investigation may be drawing to a close, it sounds like the analysis and forecasts from Real Time guests are closing coming true or false.

One of President Donald Trump’s biggest critics is in the House of Representatives. He’s also the top guest on tonight’s new Real Time with Bill Maher. Keep reading for our episode preview.

Top-of-show interview

Bill Maher will be joined by Representative Adam Schiff of California. The Democrat has been in the House since 2001. And after the midterm election in 2018 flipped the house, Schiff replaced Devin Nunes as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

It is that position that Schiff intends to use go after President Trump. The two have clashed several times publicly with Schiff often being a target of a Trump tweet storm.

But Schiff appears focused on the big picture. He recently announced a House investigation into Trump’s potential financial ties to Russia. The representative also published an open letter to Republicans to go public with the concerns over Trump they have shared privately.

This will be Schiff’s third time on Real Time. Obviously he has a lot to say when it comes to Trump and evidence of collusion with Russia. Whether or not he will be able to speak as openly about the House investigations as Maher may way remains to be seen.

Mid-show interview

Next up, Maher will interview French author and philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy. It will be his first appearance on Real Time.

BHL, as he is known, has expressed his views on a wide range of topics. Recently, he has been critical of President Trump’s national emergency declaration, warned against the dangers of fake news and social media, and weighed in on the philosophy behind the U.S. as a nation.

On Real Time, BHL can provide a historical and global perspective on what’s happening in American politics. It is always entertaining and insightful when Maher invites on a philosopher or intellectual.

The panel

Political strategist and former interim chairperson of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile will be on the panel. It marks her sixth stop to Real Time.

Brazile has been active on several Democratic presidential campaigns. She found herself in the spotlight during the 2016 election when she was accused of providing Hillary Clinton with debate questions ahead of the event. Despite leaked emails indicating she shared information on questions with Clinton’s campaign, Brazile has dismissed the controversy.

We can expert Brazile to weigh in on the Democratic strategy in the 2020 election. With a number of candidates joining the race, it will be interesting to hear her perspective on who has what it takes to prevent a Trump second term.

Former Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill will also be on the panel. Tonight will be her third time on air with Bill Maher.

McCaskill had been a senator since 2007 prior to losing her 2018 election to Republican Josh Hawley. Since leaving office, she has worked as an analyst for MSNBC and NBC.

Her time on the Senate Homeland Security Committee could come up on the show tonight as Maher asks her take on the border wall situation and Trump’s overall national security policies.

Republican political strategist Rick Wilson rounds out the panel. It will be his sixth time on the show.

As well as being a media consultant, Wilson is an author who’s opinion columns have appeared in The Daily Beast, Politico, and The New York Daily News. His book Everything Trump Touches, Dies was published in August 2018. In it, Wilson takes a hard look at Trump who he considers the worst president ever.

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It looks like President Donald Trump won’t have too many supporters on tonight’s new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. The show airs tonight at 10:00 PM ET on HBO. Tune in and follow along with the conversation on social media. Then come back here to Last Night On to check out the highlights.