Robert Irwin’s animals run wild on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

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Animal expert Robert Irwin returned to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and had a little trouble keeping his critters in line.

Animal handlers have always had a special part of late night history. Each show or host seems to have found their own personal expert to bring back on again and again. For Jimmy Fallon and his incarnation of The Tonight Show, that has been Robert Irwin.

And Fallon couldn’t have made a better choice in the 15-year-old Irwin. He is the son of the late Steve Irwin who became famous as “The Crocodile Hunter.” Steve Irwin was also no stranger to late night television with memorable appearances on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Last Night On picked Robert Irwin’s visit with Jimmy Fallon as one of the five interviews to watch this week and for good reason. His previous visits have been wildly entertaining thanks in part to his personality and obvious comfort in front of the camera.

Besides having the same passion for animals and conservation, Irwin is similar to his father in that there is a slight level of unpredictability when he brings out animals. This was the case last night on The Tonight Show as more than a few animals went off script and decided to explore the studio.

The sugar glider and serval kittens especially seemed to cause trouble when it comes to sitting still. Thankfully they weren’t too large to result in any major issues. But that is sort of what you hope for when you see animals on late night: controlled chaos. Yes, everyone likes cute animals but it’s even better when they are keeping the handler and host on their toes.

Jimmy Fallon is also everything you could want in a late night host when it comes to animal guests. He’s clearly a bit nervous but in a good way. Fallon may not be as scared as say, Jimmy Kimmel gets with animals, but his hesitation only makes for more laughs and shows off Robert Irwin’s expertise more.

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We will no doubt be seeing a lot more of Robert Irwin on The Tonight Show. He has great chemistry with Jimmy Fallon and continues to bring some interesting and entertaining animals to each visit. And here’s hoping the next is just as untamed as this one!