Stephen Colbert isn’t ready to praise Trump’s behavior at Bush’s funeral

President Donald Trump actually got praise for not disrupting President George H.W. Bush’s funeral but none of that is coming from Stephen Colbert.

Standards can be a funny thing. Different standards are set for different people, even if it’s for the same position. A shining example of this seems to be the presidency. For not making the funeral of President George H.W. Bush all about himself, President Donald Trump has earned credit from some. Not surprisingly, Stephen Colbert is not among them.

The president certainly has faced criticism in the past for seeking the spotlight when he has no business doing so. It’s indicative of his personality and that behavior is part of the reason he was elected in the first place. So there was some concern about how Trump would handle the ceremonies around President Bush’s memorial and funeral.

The funeral went on with little disruption. Trump did not completely avoid criticism however. Decisions like taking a stretch limo 250 yards to greet President George W. Bush, not covering his heart during the funeral, and not reciting the Apostle’s Creed were all questioned. That could be nitpicking to some but for others it is holding Trump to the same standards that opponents of President Barack Obama wanted upheld.

Things changed when a New York Times report was released indicating that President Trump was proud of himself for remaining civil. During a funeral for an American president. It shows a little bit of the standards Trump has for himself. Stephen Colbert typically wants to see a little more out of the president.

First Colbert tells us that the president was a little fussy that more attention wasn’t on him. However, there is still plenty of attention on Trump but just not for the things he’d like. And the funeral wasn’t over for very long before Trump wanted eyes, ears, and tweets back on him.

Claiming that he should have a 75 percent approval rating is just another example of the standards President Trump has created for himself. No president has ratings that high so it certainly wouldn’t be the case for one who lost the popular vote.

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It’s not often that President Trump gets a genuine laugh out of Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host typically isn’t amused by what the White House says and does but instead finds his own humor in the situations. But claiming he should have a 75 percent approval rating? Colbert couldn’t help but laugh and perhaps that is what Trump should get credit for.