Michael B. Jordan can’t hide his inner Anchorman fan around Steve Carell

It didn’t take much for Michael B. Jordan to start dropping Anchorman quotes on Steve Carell.

Any actor and actress who has played a popular or iconic character has probably been through it. They encounter a fan who can’t help but gush about how he or she loves this movie and has seen it a thousand times. Michael B. Jordan did just that sitting with Steve Carell on The Graham Norton Show.

If anyone is used to people “fanning” out around them, it’s Carell. He must hear quotes from The Office and The 40 Year Old Virgin yelled at him daily. The actor suggested as much during a recent visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  But no movie is more quotable than Anchorman.

What Carell may not expect would be to have his lines quoted back to him by a fellow actor like Michael B. Jordan. You’d think he would have noticed how tiring that can be after seeing everyone ask his Black Panther costar Chadwick Boseman do the Wakanda salute.

Then again, at 31 Jordan is the perfect age for a true Anchorman fan. The movie came out in 2004 so Jordan has no doubt been watching it for years. Carell is probably lucky that Jordan didn’t drop even more lines.

The only thing that got Jordan more excited than being able to say Brick’s lines to Brick was hearing Carell do his Gru voice. Jordan must be a real cinephile if he can appreciate Anchorman and Despicable Me.

With the way is career is going, Michael B. Jordan will have people quoting more and more of his lines back to him. Between Black Panther and Creed II, he’s carving out some pretty popular roles for himself in movies that will be around for a long time. Still, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be following the advice to lay low for a while that was given to Brick.