Bill Maher slams Trump and Fox over Aretha Franklin tributes

Real Time with Bill Maher via HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher via HBO /

Bill Maher is defending the recently-passed music legend Aretha Franklin after some embarrassing “tributes” given to her by Donald Trump and Fox News.

Bill Maher is showing the late Aretha Franklin some RESPECT!

On last week’s episode of Real Time on HBO, Maher spoke about the passing of the legendary Aretha Franklin. Before anyone could grieve, however, Maher reveals how Donald Trump was quick to say how Franklin “worked for him” on many different occasions. Maher says this is an outright lie, lamenting how Trump “cannot say rest in peace without lying.” This claim is even stranger considering the reports that Franklin outright refused to perform at Trump’s inauguration.

As adds, Fox News also bungled their coverage of Franklin’s passing. When reporting on the death, they used an image of Patti LaBelle instead of Franklin. Maher can’t help but mock the network by suggesting that, if Fox News does that, BET should run a tribute for Barbara Bush using a picture of Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Indeed, it was a really embarrassing moment for the network, and Maher is far from the only comedian to take aim at it.

Also in Maher’s opening monologue, he dives deep into everything happening lately with Omarosa. As we are all aware, Omarosa has been dishing a lot of dirt on Trump after the two had a major falling out. Needless to say, Maher has something to say about that as well, lamenting how reality TV stars are completely taking over.

You can watch the full monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Rest in peace, Aretha Franklin, who will forever be a legend. For more from Maher, be sure to tune in when Real Time with Bill Maher airs Friday nights on HBO. The show can also be streamed on HBO NOW and HBO GO.