Jimmy Kimmel reveals how Omarosa once bailed on his show

Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC
Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC /

Jimmy Kimmel has opened up on the time Omarosa bailed out of a Jimmy Kimmel Appearance back in 2004, and why he hasn’t invited her back since.

Jimmy Kimmel and Omarosa might have common enemies, but that doesn’t make them friends…

Certainly, you’ve been hearing Omarosa’s name a lot if you’ve been paying attention to the news. The former Donald Trump aide has just released a new tell-all book about her time with Trump, and isn’t holding anything back. But although Omarosa is now on bad terms with the president, she’s apparently been on less-than-stellar terms for years with Kimmel as well.

According to The Daily Beast, this story starts all the way back in 2004. With the premiere season of The Apprentice with Trump concluding, Omarosa had become much more famous because of her involvement on the show. She was set to go out on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but before Kimmel could bring her out, Omarosa suddenly fled from the building. Why? She thought she was going to be asked to take a lie detector test.

As Kimmel explains, Omarosa was never meant to take such a test on the air. However, Kimmel was planning on having Uncle Frank, who lied about something, taking a fake lie detector test on the show. Seeing the prop backstage, Omarosa assumed she’d be the one asked to take it while on the air, prompting her to exit the building immediately.

“She was very angry,” Kimmel says, noting how she stormed out so quickly. Because the show was live at the time, this also left Kimmel without a guest for the evening. Of course, that she was seemingly trying to hide something back then makes so much more sense in light of the release of her new book. In it, all kinds of secrets relating to Trump are spilled.

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“If I had given her that lie detector test, who knows?” Kimmel can’t help but question. Perhaps, as Kimmel suggests, if Trump had been exposed back then, Gary Busey would be the president now instead.