Stephen Colbert challenge nearly ruins groom’s wedding

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS /

Stephen Colbert joking about a wedding challenge on The Late Show led to a brave groom actually trying it, nearly ruining his entire wedding day.

Now this is certainly one of those priceless Kodak moments…

Last week on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert told his viewers about an amusing story to come out of the program. Recently, as Colbert explains, announcements were made about the FDA cracking down on “milk” products that don’t come from animals, such as almonds and soy. The Late Show host finds the whole thing amusing, but he’s especially tickled by FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s comment: “An almond doesn’t lactate.”

As a complete and total joke, Colbert then went on to challenge his viewers to work that very phrase into their wedding vows. Now, most grooms wouldn’t dare to work in such a comment to be spoken face to face with their wife up there on the altar. But viewer Paul Glassman isn’t most grooms, as he took on the challenge and actually did so. Best of all, there’s video footage of the event, which was nearly ruined by the wacky wordplay!

To his credit, the groom does find somewhat of a clever way of getting the phrase into his vows. Still, it’s a very awkward thing to hear during a wedding. Impressed with the man’s courage, however, Colbert decided to reward him. Now the groom, all of his groomsmen, and even his new wife will all be getting T-shirts with the phrase adorned on it. How’s that for a wedding gift? If nothing else, it makes for a great story.

You can watch the hilarious segment in the YouTube video below!

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Perhaps Mrs. Glassman is starting her marriage to her new husband with a bizarre beginning. But at least it got them on television (as well as them some snazzy T-shirts).