Kanye West defends awkward silence on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live, courtesy of ABC
Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live, courtesy of ABC /

Kanye West was seemingly stumped when Jimmy Kimmel asked him a question about Donald Trump, and now Kanye is explaining what was going through his mind.

I’m not sure how much he’s helping…

For those who don’t know, there was a really awkward moment to air on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. Many years ago, when George W. Bush was president, Kanye West famously said how the president “doesn’t care about black people.” Channeling that controversial comment, Jimmy Kimmel straight up asked Kanye why he thinks his pal Donald Trump does care about the African American community.

Rather than come out with an answer, Kanye basically froze in his tracks. After a painfully awkward pause, the rapper fails to come up with a satisfactory answer before Kimmel rushes into a commercial break. Ironically, the moment was just as awkward as the Bush incident, but now Kanye is on the other side of things. Clearly, the hip hop mogul was struggling to come up with a real answer.

However, due to the backlash, Kanye has hopped on Twitter to defend himself. According to West, he wasn’t stumped at all, but was merely contemplating what to say. “The question was so important I took time to think,” West said in a tweet. The rapper goes on to explain how the show then cut to a commercial break before he could answer the question. However, West didn’t address the question when the show resumed after the break, either.

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Certainly, as Kanye goes on to say in his Twitter rant, he has the freedom to support whichever political candidates he chooses. For whatever reason, West is a big Trump guy, even if it’s not easy for him to explain why. It seems he’s just not seeing what the majority of the country is.

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