Stephen Colbert mocks Alex Jones after InfoWars gets banned

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS /

After Alex Jones saw his wacky talk show InfoWars removed from YouTube and other streaming services, Stephen Colbert celebrated by hilariously mocking him.

People apparently aren’t feeling too sorry for Alex Jones…

Lately, things have been rough for the outspoken host of InfoWars. In a shocking announcement, YouTube revealed that the show was being completely pulled with every video removed. This was in addition to similar bans on InfoWar from Apple, Facebook, and Spotify. Essentially, it’s kind of like Alex Jones is being scrubbed from the web.

Indeed, it’s not a good time to be Mr. Jones, but a certain host of The Late Show isn’t feeling too sorry for him. Last night, Stephen Colbert resurrected his alter-ego Tuck Buckford – a parody character of Jones seen several times in past episodes – to weigh in on the mass banning. Certainly, Jones himself isn’t going to find this way, but the clip is absolutely hilarious.

Similar to Jones, Colbert’s Tuck Buckford is going through some similar problems. As Buckford, Colbert goes through a list of the different services he’s been removed from, nearly removing the fictional show Brain Fight entirely. “But I’m still broadcasting from the nation’s last bastion of free speech – the in-house web player on the homepage for Haterade, the knock-off sports drink for athletic Klansmen,” Colbert goes on.

Of course, to mock Jones, Colbert will need to get crazier from there, and he does. Beyond spouting out the looniest theories you could imagine, Buckford ends up covering himself in honey, believing himself to be a master of the bees. The bees only end up attacking, him, however, prompting Buckford to shout, “Obama got to them!”

You can watch the segment in the YouTube video below!

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Jones may be off of YouTube, but Tuck Buckford will always have a place on Colbert’s show. Watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when it airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS.