Bill Maher: The GOP has become ‘The Party of Putin’

Courtesy of HBO - Real Time with Bill Maher
Courtesy of HBO - Real Time with Bill Maher /

With Donald Trump steering the ship, Bill Maher says he has transformed the GOP from the Party of Reagan to the Party of Putin.

From Ronald Reagan to Vladimir Putin… how did this happen?

Last night, Bill Maher finally came back to his HBO series Real Time after a vacation lasting several weeks. As you could expect, Maher had a lot of catching up to do, considering the crazy month we’ve just had politically. And one of the things that’s been on Maher’s mind is how the “Party of Reagan” has since become the “Party of Putin.” What went wrong?

As Maher explains, it all comes down to one four letter word: race. The Real Time host is astonished how nearly 90% of Republicans are backing Donald Trump’s decision to invite Vladimir Putin into the White House. Maher highlights how Russia is one of the few places holding onto a “f–k diversity” stance, proudly embracing their white skin. This is highlighted by David Duke even calling Russia the “key to white survival.”

At the end of the day, Maher says people are okay with this because it comes down to white people helping white people. The hypocrisy couldn’t be more clear, as Maher explains, considering how much they used to accuse Barack Obama of being a foreign agent trying to take over the country. “But when a foreign power actually did take over America and it was the proudly white one,” Maher says, “their response was ‘come right on in.’”

You can watch Maher tell it best in the YouTube video below!

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