Bill Maher brands Fox News as the ‘enema of the people’

Real Time with Bill Maher, via HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher, via HBO /

In response to President Donald Trump referring to the press as the enemy of the people, Bill Maher compromises that Fox News is the ENEMA of the people.

Something tells me a lot of people out there certainly agree…

Last night on HBO, Bill Maher kicked off his return to Real Time with a scathing new monologue. As you could expect, he had a lot to say about Donald Trump, catching up after a month of presidential gaffes. One particular thing which amused Maher, as he explains in his monologue, is how Trump refers to the press as the “enemy of the people.”

“He calls the media the enemy of the people, except, of course, for Fox News,” Maher laments. He adds, “They’re so far up his ass, they’re the enema of the people!” That’s certainly one interesting way of putting it, but Maher’s point is absolutely spot on. Maher goes on to add that  “reporting reality gets attacked because it threatens the fantasy world created by the cult leader.”

However, Maher also found something in the news to be happy about. The NRA is reporting the loss of their insurance coverage, and it’s becoming possible the organization may soon cease to exist. Of course, Maher doesn’t particularly feel too bad for them, using the opportunity to crack in a joke. “They say the only thing they own of real value is Congress,” the Real Time host goes on to add.

You can watch the monologue in full in the YouTube video below!

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