Stephen Colbert destroys Ivanka Trump over awful interview

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, courtesy of CBS
Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, courtesy of CBS /

After Ivanka Trump totally botched a recent television interview, Stephen Colbert broke it down on last night’s episode of The Late Show.

This is certainly an embarrassing moment for the President’s daughter.

Yesterday, Ivanka Trump took part in an interview which immediately went viral for the wrong reasons. Speaking on illegal immigration and, specifically, the act of separating families at the border, Ivanka could only say that she considers it “was a low point” of the Trump administration. “But somehow I got through it by saying and doing nothing,” Stephen Colbert imagined her as responding on last night’s Late Show.

But Colbert is just getting started with his take down of this total disaster of an interview. He further takes issue with how Ivanka refers to these issues in the past tense, as if they’re not still going on. “She came admirably close to displaying empathy,” Colbert points out. The point here being that Ivanka trying to pass off some semblance of concern doesn’t mean much considering she did absolutely nothing to stop it – and it’s still happening.

After a few more jabs, Colbert highlights a moment from the interview in which Ivanka is asked to name a high point from her time in the White House. Struggling to come up with something, Ivanka finally says “getting out of Washington.” To that, Colbert says that it’s a coincidence, as that’s his high point of her job as well. Finally, Colbert compares her role in the White House to that of a child helping to mow the lawn with a bubble mower. “What do you do?!” Colbert demands to know.

You can watch the brutal take down in the YouTube video below.

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Nobody in the Trump family is safe from Colbert’s quips. But that’s what Colbert does best, with his Emmy nomination showing that what he does gets results. As always, be sure to watch more when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at CBS at 11:30 p.m. EST.