Chris Hardwick reinstated by AMC for Talking Dead

Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, via AMC
Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick, via AMC /

After consideration, AMC has reinstated Chris Hardwick for both of his talk shows on their network, Talking Dead and Talking with Chris Hardwick.

Chris Hardwick is heading back to AMC.

As many of us know, Hardwick found himself in some trouble lately stemming from accusations from his ex-girlfriend. The story goes that Hardwick was abusive to her verbally and sexually during the course of their relationship. In response, Hardwick was removed as the host of Talking Dead, with his Talking with Chris Hardwick show being pulled from the air as well.

After investigating the situation, Deadline reports that AMC has reinstated Hardwick for both shows. The plan as of now is for Hardwick to return to Talking Dead when the mid-season 4 premire of Fear the Walking Dead airs on Aug. 12. He will be joined by Yvette Nicole Brown, who had been temporarily filling Hardwick’s shoes – including taking on hosting duties at The Walking Dead‘s panel at San Diego Comic Con.

For many, this development is surprising, given the permanent nature of the firings of so many other stars. Despite the growing petition for Disney to rehire James Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3, in comparison, that idea is far less likely to happen. But perhaps it’s just situational. The tweets which took Gunn down were things he actually said, while it seems the allegations against Hardwick couldn’t be proven.

As for The Wall, the NBC show Hardwick was also hosting, there hasn’t been any new updates. It remains to be seen if NBC will reinstate Hardwick for that series as well.

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While some people aren’t thrilled, however, most seem to support the decision. In any case, Hardwick is coming back to AMC, and we’ll see him on Talking Dead on Aug. 12. Do you think AMC hiring Hardwick back is the right call? Tell us what you think in the comments below!