Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, July 22nd?

Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO /

John Oliver’s been missing on HBO for the past couple weeks, but will he be making his return tonight? We have the info about the show right here.

It’s been rather silent on the past few Sundays, as John Oliver has taken a hiatus from HBO. His series Last Week Tonight is one of the best shows late night TV has to offer, which is clear as it won the Emmy last year. So, hopefully the hiatus will end tonight… will it?

Unfortunately, I have bad news. Oliver remains on hiatus for another week, meaning he’s not coming back on tonight. He will be back NEXT week, however, with new episodes resuming on HBO on July 29.

As noted above, Oliver won the Emmy for his show last year, and is looking to do the same again this year. His show is among the six chosen for the coveted award. His competition includes Full Frontal with Samantha BeeThe Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe Daily Show with Trevor NoahJimmy Kimmel Live, and The Late Late Show with James Corden. It’s a sea of talent there, but if Oliver wins the Emmy again this year, I wouldn’t complain.

Last year, HBO also renewed the show through 2020 in light of its amazing success. Oliver will be doing his thing for many years to come. So, while we won’t have him on TV tonight, feel better knowing we’ll have plenty Last Week Tonight to look forward to. Hang tight, Oliver fans, he’ll be back!

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Last Week Tonight airs Sunday nights on HBO at 11 p.m. EST. New episodes from Season 5 will resume on July 29. Do you think Oliver should win the Emmy again this year? If not, who do you think should? Let us know your opinions in the comments below, we want to hear them!