Samantha Bee was deeply affected by Ivanka Trump outrage

Samantha Bee, courtesy of TBS
Samantha Bee, courtesy of TBS /

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee is opening up about the backlash she received over her controversial remark about Ivanka Trump, saying is badly affected her.

Perhaps there was a lesson to be learned…

Recently, the nominations were announced for this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Notable names were snubbed, including Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Bill Maher. But one person whose show made it on the list for Outstanding Variety Talk Series is Samantha Bee, who came under fire a while back for vulgarly insulting Ivanka Trump on Full Frontal.

Of course, Bee’s Emmy nomination surprises some, who thought the controversy would mean she wouldn’t be noticed. As it turns out, Bee and her show are going to be just fine. However, at the time, the incident really caught the Full Frontal host off guard, as she hadn’t anticipated the level of animosity she would see as a result.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Bee says she was “affected a lot” by the backlash that came from the comments. Saying she took the opportunity of her July 4 vacation to reflect on things, Bee has thought a lot about what happened. But she concludes that this kind of outrage was inevitable, and it is bound to happen to her again in the future.

From the interview:

"“That’s a reality everyone has to grapple with — not just me. The level of ferocity is something I hadn’t quite experienced up to that point, but I assume I’ll go through it again. Maybe I’ll be better prepared next time. I think we handled it well, but it was a pretty steep learning curve.”"

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Still, it’s good to know Bee can still see humor in the situation. In the same interview, she’s also asked if she has any words of advice to give to Michael Che and Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live, who are hosting the event. “I know one word they shouldn’t say,” Bee jokes.