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The Walking Dead fan favorite actor Steven Yeun appeared on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show to talk exhaustion, fatherhood, and his stardom in Korea.

For every fan (or former fan, even) of The Walking Dead, it’s always nice to see Steven Yeun!

Last night on Conan on TBS, a familiar face for fans of the hit AMC zombie drama appeared as a guest. Steven Yeun played fan favorite character Glenn Rhee on the show for over six seasons, ultimately biting it at the start of Season 7. Killing the character off has proven to be the wrong call, as the ratings have been falling at a rapid rate ever since — clearly, the people love Yeun, and weren’t happy at all to see him go.

For curious fans, it’s nice to see that Yeun is doing well since his time leaving The Walking Dead. Now a father, Yeun admits that he’s always exhausted these days. Switching gears soon after, Yeun tells O’Brien about how his father once believed Yeun was doing adult movies. This came from Yeun’s old man Googling his son’s name, coming across photoshopped images of Glenn in… well, intimate situations. Not being tech savvy, the photos came across as real for Yeun’s father, creating an awkward moment between the two.

Humorously, the best part of the interview comes from Yeun trying to get O’Brien to come to Korea. There’s a transvestite bar there Yeun wants to bring the late night comedian to, telling him he’ll fit right in.  The actor describes the environment as open, loving, and warm, making it a great place to go for a relaxing time. Yeun says he goes there every year, and for what it’s worth, O’Brien says he’d totally go there as well.

You can watch that part of the interview in the video below.

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Yeun is bound to show up on O’Brien’s talk show again sometime, as O’Brien really seems to appreciate having him on as a guest. For more of the show, tune in when Conan airs weeknights on TBS at 11 PM EST.