SNL: Kenan Thompson wants Barack Obama on Black Jeopardy

Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live, courtesy of NBC
Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live, courtesy of NBC /

Kenan Thompson regularly stars in the Black Jeopardy segments on Saturday Night Live, and the comedian hopes to bring in Barack Obama next season.

Will we see a certain former president appearing on the next season of Saturday Night Live?

In recent seasons, SNL‘s Black Jeopardy bits have been among some of the funniest the show has to offer. In the segments, Kenan Thompson hosts a version of Jeopardy featuring with all black guests. First premiering in 2005, the skit has been repeated several more times with various guests, depending on the celebrity host.

In a new interview with Vulture, Thompson has opened up about an idea he has for an upcoming skit. He’s hoping to bring in former president Barack Obama to participate on Black Jeopardy. That’s interesting, but best of all, Thompson seems pretty confident Obama will do it, as long as they come up with a funny enough idea.

From the interview:

"I think Obama would be a lot of fun on Black Jeopardy I feel like he could do it. If we reached out and had a good enough idea for him, he’ll come do it."

Obama certainly has a sense of humor, having appeared on the program in the past. He’s no stranger to late night television as well, having gone on various talk shows. None of us will forget the time he slow jammed with Jimmy Fallon.

Perhaps the most memorable Black Jeopardy bit so far came from when Chadwick Boseman hosted the show this past season. Of course, Boseman plays the lead role in the superhero film Black Panther. For the segment, Boseman plays his character in the film, seemingly oblivious to what the host and the other competitors are telling him. You can watch that skit in full in the video below.

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Saturday Night Live is currently on hiatus for its summer break. The next season is expected to premiere this fall. Going by previous seasons, we are expecting it to return in late September or early October. Will you be tuning in when it comes back? Tell us about it below!