Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, July 1st, 2018?

Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight wiht John Oliver via HBO /

Coming into July of 2018, will we have an all new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premiering tonight on HBO? We have all of the info here.

It’s Sunday night, and that should hopefully mean John Oliver will be appearing on HBO tonight for an all new episode of his show Last Week Tonight. But will there be a new episode, or is the show taking a break?

Fortunately, there is in fact a new episode on tonight. At 11 PM EST on the HBO network, and also available on HBO NOW and HBO GO. With just a couple episodes left before Oliver’s next break, it’s needless to say that you aren’t going to want to miss it.

Last week, Oliver took some focus on the 2018 Mexican elections. It’s a mystery what he’ll be talking about tonight, but it’s clear that whenever Oliver dishes into something, it’s really good television. After all it’s what he does that earned him an Emmy over his late night competitors. Though there’s certainly no hard feelings between any of them, as Stephen Colbert and Oliver have appeared on each other’s shows since then.

Also, HBO has renewed the series already last year. This will keep the program on the air through 2020, and well past the first term of Donald Trump. Will Trump see a second term? Who knows, but hopefully, either way Oliver will stick with us then as well. No mater how bad things get, Oliver can keep us laughing for at least a few minutes at the end of the weekend.

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Have you been enjoying Season 5 of the series so far? Oliver hasn’t seemed to have missed a step, and we look forward to the show every Sunday night. Catch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver when it airs Sundays at 11 PM on HBO. The program is also streaming on HBO NOW and HBO GO.