Is Saturday Night Live on tonight, June 30th, 2018?

Saturday Night Live via NBC
Saturday Night Live via NBC /

Is there going to be an episode of Saturday Night Live airing on NBC tonight? Who will be the host and the musical guest? We have all of the info here.

Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!

As it is, you are probably aware that there won’t be a new episode of Saturday Night Live premiering tonight. The show has since taken its summer break, and will be done with new episodes until the fall. That said, NBC airs repeat episodes, giving fans another look at a recent episode, and also giving those who missed it another chance to check it out.

With that said, who will be hosting tonight’s repeat show airing on NBC? Tonight, Tiffany Haddish will be hosting the show, in a repeat episode originally aired in November of last year. Pop star Taylor Swift is also on the show as the musical guest. You an watch a promo video spot for the episode below.

This episode is free of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. But as this character shows up all the time on the show, we’re expecting him to be back when the new episodes return this fall. Based on the show’s history, SNL will likely return between late September to early October. Of course, check back here for updates on when the new episodes are coming back! No word on if there will be any new cast members yet, or what kind of hosts we can expect. Hopefully more news will be forthcoming, but for now, let’s just enjoy these repeats.

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Repeat episodes of Saturday Night Live will continue to air until the new season premieres this fall. To watch, tune in when SNL airs Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC. Are you a fan of the series? Tell us about it in the comments below!