Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on tonight, June 24th, 2018?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver via HBO /

Will John Oliver be back on tonight for an all new episode of his Emmy winning HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, or will there be a repeat?

One of the all time greats of late night TV is undoubtedly HBO’s John Oliver. Although Last Week Tonight is only in its fifth season, the show is now Emmy winning and very popular. Seeing the potential in it, HBO last year renewed the program through 2020, meaning Oliver will be on the air for years to come.

But will there be an all new episode of the show premiering tonight? Yes, in fact, there will be an all new episode tonight! Season 5 still has several episodes left to go before the break, so you can tune in tonight to see what Oliver has to say about everything that’s happened over this past week.

Certainly, the biggest news in the headlines concerns the migrant children being separated from their families at the border. The issue raised tons of controversy (and rightfully so), leading Donald Trump to sign an order ending the family separation. As Bill Maher argued on Real Time, however, it was Trump who started that horrific zero tolerance policy in the first place, making it peculiar for him to celebrate ending it. We can only assume Oliver will weigh in on this situation.

We all know Oliver for shedding a light on other stories that aren’t quite as talked about, as well. It remains to be seen what he’ll spend the majority of his time focusing on tonight, but one thing is for sure. Oliver always has something biting to say, and he’s no doubt going to be ruffling some feathers tonight as usual.

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New episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will continue to air on HBO until Season 5 completes. You can catch the show when it airs Sunday nights at 11 p.m.