Stephen Colbert mocks Melania Trump over ‘I Really Don’t Care’ jacket

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, via CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, via CBS /

After Melania Trump made the bizarre fashion choice of wearing a jacket reading, “I really don’t care,” to meet with immigrant children, Stephen Colbert responds.

Sometimes, you couldn’t possibly make up a story crazier than what’s actually happening.

Of course, every one of us knows about the controversy at the Mexican and American border. Families are being separated, with children taken from their parents as part of a “zero tolerance” policy. It’s a delicate issue that saw many Republicans opposing Donald Trump’s lack of action about this injustice, resulting in the president signing an order to no longer separate kids from parents.

The last thing the White House wants the people to think is that they don’t care about all of these children and the suffering they’ve been enduring. With this in mind, it’s baffling why Melania Trump chose to wore the jacket she did to a detention center in Texas which adorned this phrase on the back: “I really don’t care, do u?”

As Stephen Colbert explained on last night’s Late Show, it’s baffling how the First Lady managed to screw up something as easy as showing the people the White House cares about children. It’s hard to put off that image when she literally brandishes a message on her clothing that says she doesn’t care at all. Even more perplexing than that is the excuse offered by spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, who says that it’s just a jacket and that there’s no “hidden message.”

“It’s definitely not hidden, it’s right on the back,” Colbert agrees. “And I’m going to guess this is one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama,” he goes on, mocking the First Lady for plagiarizing a speech originally given by the former First Lady.

You can watch the segment below!

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