Pete Davidson says it’s ‘lit’ to be engaged to Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, courtesy of NBC
Pete Davidson on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, courtesy of NBC /

In the funniest Tonight Show interview in a long time, Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson tells Jimmy Fallon about his engagement to Ariana Grande.

This is certainly an honest interview!

On The Tonight Show last night, SNL‘s Pete Davidson came onto the show as a guest alongside Robert Pattinson. Of course, Davidson has been in the headlines recently, despite SNL currently being on hiatus. It was recently revealed he’s gotten engaged to pop star Ariana Grande, and has already gotten two tattoos of her inked onto his body. So, of course Jimmy Fallon was going to ask him about the relationship.

“Now, you know you didn’t have to get engaged to Ariana Grande to come on our show,” Fallon mentions. “But I did, though!” Davidson says with a smile, clearly very proud of himself. Curious, Fallon asks how he’s handling it all, and Davidson is quick to say that it’s “f—ing lit.” The SNL star says how random people on the street will tip their hat to him since the news. One man even told him, “You give me hope!” It has to be surreal for the young comedian, but he seems to be enjoying every bit of it.

Fallon goes on to jokingly suggest they get married on The Tonight Show. It leads into Davidson expressing how weird it is that people care so much about the relationship. “It’s weird, because the president‘s trying to pardon himself, and he’s f—ing a porn star. Shouldn’t we care about that?” It creates an awkward silence in the room, but it is pretty funny.

You can watch the interview in the YouTube video below.

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