Jimmy Kimmel is the underdog against Ted Cruz in charity ballgame

Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC
Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC /

Las Vegas betting odds are favoring Senator Ted Cruz over late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel in an upcoming 1-on-1 basketball game for charity.

The odds are against Jimmy Kimmel… but who doesn’t love a good underdog tale?

This weekend, an odd but intriguing 1-on-1 basketball game will take place between two very well known celebrities. The aforementioned Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live will be on one side, going against Republican Senator Ted Cruz. It goes without saying that the two aren’t exactly close friends, and they’re taking their differences to the court for what’s called the 2018 Blobfish Basketball Classic.

As with any sports game, the gamblers are out there taking bets. In Las Vegas, the betting odds are favoring Cruz over Kimmel, according to TheWrap. This effectively makes Jimmy the underdog, which is news he probably won’t be happy to hear, but it may just give him more determination to win the game. In any case, I find myself more curious to see who actually ends up winning this thing.

The betting odds are 8/5 if you bet on Kimmel. If you’re a gambler, you could find yourself making a lot of money by putting down some green on the comedian. And as Cruz isn’t Lebron James or anything, Kimmel still has a great shot at winning, even considering these odds against him. Though it’s really a hard thing to measure or accurately say what exactly will happen in this charity game.

Cruz is two inches shorter than Kimmel and three years younger. He also played varsity basketball in his younger years. We’ll just have to see if that experience will help him slam dunk a win over Kimmel.

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