Samantha Bee is losing advertisers over Ivanka Trump insult

Samantha Bee, courtesy of TBS
Samantha Bee, courtesy of TBS /

After the controversy involving Samantha Bee referring to Ivanka Trump as the dreaded C-word on her TBS series Full Frontal, advertisers are now fleeing.

It looks like Samantha Bee is still in some hot water…

Last week, Bee found herself in a bit of a sticky situation after insulting Ivanka Trump on Full Frontal. Though the term she used to describe Ivanka was rather vulgar, it was its bad timing which really brought about the controversy. Roseanne Barr had her ABC series cancelled after making racist comments on Twitter, and her defenders are demanding the same thing happen with Bee.

Last night, Bee formally apologized for the remark, making it clear she regrets saying it. But as NBC reports, the ordeal is still costing Bee and TBS some sponsor money. State Farm and Autotrader have both announced that they’ve withdrawn their advertising on the program. While obviously a blow, it hasn’t been enough to cancel the series, as it aired last night per usual. It’s unknown if any other sponsors will follow suit, though it seems unlikely given Bee’s apologies and how much time has since passed.

Ultimately, controversy creates cash, so this could help Bee in the long run. When Donald Trump tweeted about the incident, that only served to bring more attention to the TBS comedy series. Inadvertently, the president could actually be helping Bee out by bringing more awareness to the show.

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We can expect Bee to clean up her language a little bit moving forward. But something tells me she’s going to remain just as critical of the president and his policies. Tune in when Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs Wednesday nights on the TBS network. Where do you stand on the situation with Bee and Ivanka? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.