Bill Maher: The GOP is officially the ‘conspiracy theory’ party

Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO
Real Time with Bill Maher, courtesy of HBO /

Bill Maher is suggesting that a tinfoil hat is required to join the Conservative party, as the GOP has since become the ‘conspiracy theory’ party.

Does Alex Jones represent the right wing?

Last night on Real Time, host Bill Maher spoke about the issues with conspiracy theories touted by Republican politicians. Maher misses the days when conspiracy theories were about aliens invading Earth, or Elvis still being alive somewhere. Now, they’re embraced so much by the GOP that the phrase “conspiracy theory” is becoming totally synonymous with hardcore conservatives.

“Conspiracy theorists used to be ‘crazy,’ now they’re called ‘Senator,'” Maher laments. The Real Time host says there used to be an unwritten rule followed by both sides, wherein you couldn’t just make up anything you want. That was until, as Maher explains, Republicans figured out that, “Yes, yes you can just make s–t up!”

Apparently, it’s gotten so bad that Rush Limbaugh seems tame in comparison for Maher. He compares Limbaugh to a gateway drug which led to worse things, like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. “You’re the Alex Jones party,” Maher says to the GOP. He points out that too many people were quick to gobble up theories like the one about Hillary Clinton operating a human trafficking ring from a pizza parlor, or the one about Barack Obama faking his birth certificate.

Real republicans like George H.W. Bush are gone, says Maher. Now, we have people like Donald Trump, a man who is “soulmates” with a straight-up nutjob like Alex Jones. The only way to fight back is to vote these people out of office, leading Maher to encourage the “sane” people in his audience to always vote.

You can watch the segment in the YouTube video below.

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