Jimmy Kimmel asks random adults if they still live with parents

Jimmy Kimmel Live, courtesy of ABC
Jimmy Kimmel Live, courtesy of ABC /

After a recent court battle between a 30 year old man still living at home and his parents, Jimmy Kimmel took to the street to see who else lives at home.

Do you still live with mom and dad? Jimmy Kimmel wants to know…

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel told his viewers about a recent bizarre court case. The parents of a 30 year old man who refuses to move out have taken the matter to court. After five eviction notices and even start-up money to set up a home elsewhere, the man refused to leave, causing a judge to rule in the favor of his parents.

Kimmel couldn’t help but wonder how common of a problem this is. To find out, the Kimmel team hit the streets to ask pedestrians if they were still living with their parents at home. And the results may end up surprising you, if you’re a person who moved out of the parents’ home at a young age.

For the segment, Kimmel invites the audience to participate. When pedestrians are shown on camera being asked that question, Kimmel quizzes his viewers on the potential answer. Does this particular person still live at home? Of course, when watching the video you can play along as well, and it’s kind of a fun thing to participate in. Of course, as mentioned, some of the answers will surprise you, but others definitely will not.

You can watch the segment in full in the YouTube video below.

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These pedestrian question bits have turned up some of Kimmel’s finest material. Just recently, he managed to stump many people by asking them to name a single book title, which may have been more sad than funny. In any case, you can catch more when Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on ABC.