Stephen Colbert celebrates one year anniversary of Trump investigation

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, courtesy of CBS /

It has been one year since Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate the ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, and Stephen Colbert is celebrating.

Mark the calendar… Donald Trump’s campaign has now been the subject of Robert Mueller’s FBI investigation for a full year!

Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert told viewers about the monumental occasion. As of today, Mueller will have been appointed to spearhead the investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, exactly one year ago. While the investigation is still ongoing, it appears that the president may be starting to sweat because of it.

According to Colbert, Trump aides claim the president complains about the FBI’s raid on Michael Cohen’s office about “20 times a day.” Another says Trump’s angry outbursts about the investigation don’t prove that he’s guilty, as that’s just a part of his personality – the president needs to “lash out” because he’s emotional. “Yes, yes, reassuring words about the man with the nuclear launch codes,” Colbert jokes. He then imagines himself telling a small child that everything is going to be okay, as long as nobody upsets Donald Trump.

The word is that the White House just wants to somehow ride through the investigation, and “buckle up” until they get through it. Buckling up is the least they can do, Colbert suggests, as what’s going to happen will be like a car driving off a cliff. For a visual aid, Colbert even shows a movie clip of a car doing just that, crashing horribly at the bottom.

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Where does this investigation go next? We’ve seen a lot of interesting developments over the past year, so it will be interesting to see. For more from Colbert, tune in when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST, only on CBS.