Seth Meyers says Donald Trump wanted him to apologize for mean jokes

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Comedian Seth Meyers says Donald Trump was open to appearing on his late night TV program, but only if Seth apologized for roasting him years before.

I suppose we can’t fault the president for asking…

According to a report from Deadline, Donald Trump could have made some waves back in 2015 by appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Though Trump was insinuating he’d be running for president, his campaign wasn’t officially underway yet, and it would have made for an interesting appearance. But a disagreement kept the interview from ever happening… so, what went wrong?

Per the report, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen (if you didn’t know that name before, you surely know it now) reached out to Meyers about bringing Trump on the show. However, the appearance would have required a non-negotiable condition: Seth Meyers would have to apologize on-air for cracking jokes about the president years before when hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner. At the time, Barack Obama was still president, but Meyers took several jabs at Trump who was present at the event.

Apparently, years later, the quips were still weighing down on the president, and he wanted an apology. But Meyers turned the offer down, refusing to apologize on the air for the sake of the interview. Since then, Trump has vowed to never go on Late Night, but in return, Meyers also “banned” him from ever coming on as well. There is certainly no way we are ever going to see that apology happen now, but kudos to Meyers for staying true to himself.

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So we probably aren’t going to see Trump showing up on the show anytime soon. Regardless, Meyers will always be there to keep cracking jokes about the president, and don’t expect an apology. Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers when it airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. on NBC.