CBS axes Kevin James sitcom Kevin Can Wait after two seasons

Leah Remini and Kevin James on Kevin Can Wait, via CBS
Leah Remini and Kevin James on Kevin Can Wait, via CBS /

That’s a wrap for Kevin James on the CBS comedy series Kevin Can Wait, as it’s been officially confirmed that the network has cancelled the show.

Kevin won’t be waiting for a third season…

Over at Variety, it has been reported that CBS has put an end to the comedy show Kevin Can Wait. Starring Kevin James of The King of Queens, the series will be shopped to other networks from here, meaning it could live on if it’s picked up elsewhere. Ultimately we’ll have to wait and see where that goes.

Kevin Can Wait came under some controversy before when the decision was made to kill off the wife featured in Season 1, played by Erinn Hayes. When Season 2 premiered, it was revealed that the character had passed away off-screen between seasons, totally changing the dynamic of the show. Though King of Queens co-star Leah Remini came in as a series regular, Season 2 still saw a remarkable decline in ratings, ultimately leading to the decision to boot the show.

As you may have noticed, CBS isn’t the only network cleaning house. Fox is particularly making headlines after booting several shows with decent followings. That includes dramas like Lucifer and The Exorcist, as well as hit comedies like The Last Man on Earth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fortunately, the latter was picked up by NBC and will continue its life there, but most of these other axed programs aren’t going to be so lucky.

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Kevin Can Wait seems like a hard sell given the ratings decline after just two seasons. Perhaps killing off a lead character had a heavier impact on the series than anticipated. Stay tuned to see if the show lives on somewhere else, but if you ask me, it seems much more likely the series will close its curtains after two seasons.