‘Melania Trump’ brags about White House dinner on Colbert

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A Melania Trump impersonator appeared on last night’s Late Show to brag about the White House dinner with French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife.

It’s always a pleasure when Melania Trump stops by The Late Show!

Of course, Colbert fans already know the woman who appeared on last night’s show wasn’t really Melania. Every so often, Colbert brings in an impersonator who does a spot-on impression of the First Lady, and the bits are always amazing. As you’re surmising by now, the fake Melania returned to the show once more last night, and as always, the results were golden.

This time, the appearance is to speak about last week’s state dinner put on by Melania, with Emmanuel Macron and his wife attending. Because of how well the event went, the fake Melania is coming onto Colbert’s show to brag about it. And it’s clear how good she’s feeling by the fun dance she does as soon as she appears on the screen.

First, Colbert questions her about the claim Macron’s wife made about Melania being much more outgoing in private. To shut that rumor down, Melania says she’s always showing her emotions. To prove it, she reveals her happy face – which looks no different than how the First Lady always does. The same goes for her sad face.

Colbert insists that there might be a problem, with the claim that Melania is “so constrained” she can’t even open the White House windows. To that, Melania claims that’s fake news, and that she can open a window – she’s just waiting for the right time. “There is no need for me to open a window, at least not until my hair is long enough for Emmanuel Macro to climb up it and save me.”

You can watch the full bit in the video below.

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The fake Melania Trump is one of the greatest recurring gags on the program. It’s always hilarious whenever she shows up, and you never know when she will. For more from Colbert, always tune in weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS for new episodes of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.