Bill Maher talks Trump doctor and Rudy Giuliani in new monologue

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Bill Maher caught up with this week’s craziest news stories on last night’s Real Time, such as Donald Trump’s doctor and new lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

There’s always so much for Bill Maher to catch up with each week on Real Time!

On last night’s episode of the HBO series, Maher began his opening monologue by lamenting how he didn’t even know where to begin. First, he points out how it’s interesting how Donald Trump has two new best friends this week: Kanye West and Rudy Giuliani. “He joined a new dating site, OkStupid,” Maher jokes.

Maher goes into how Giuliani is now a part of Trump’s legal team, and is already causing problems. Replacing Michael Cohen, Maher jokes that Trump is trading in his lawyer who “carries a bat” for a lawyer who’s “turns into one.” And as Maher reveals, Giulani admitted on TV that Trump knew about the hush money given to Stormy Daniels, contradicting Trump and Cohen’s previous statements. “I think the person who needs money to hush is Rudy,” Maher cracks.

The HBO funnyman also spends some time speaking about Trump’s eccentric physician. Maher is amused by how Trump orchestrated a raid on his own doctor’s office. According to Maher, Trump ordered this because he was mad about the doctor revealing that he takes Propecia, the hair drug. “Trump shouldn’t be embarrassed he takes Propecia,” Maher jokes. “Propecia should be embarrassed that they’re responsible for Trump’s hair!”

You can watch the monologue in its entirety below.

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Maher’s monologues are always hilarious, and something fans of the show look forward to each week. This one delivered, and we’re expecting the next one to do so as well. See it for yourself when Real Time with Bill Maher airs Fridays at 10 PM EST only on HBO.