Stephen Colbert says he had an ‘affair’ with Donald Trump

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In an effort to get his own payment of $130,000 in hush money, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to say he also has hooked up with Donald Trump.

Now this would be a scandal for the ages!

Everyone knows what’s going on by this point between Donald Trump and his alleged mistress, adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The allegation is Trump had a sexual encounter with Daniels, which his lawyer Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about. Trump has since made claims he knew nothing about the payment, and Cohen has insisted he made the payment himself to Daniels.

With the addition of Rudy Giuliani’ to Trump’s legal team, things are getting more complicated. Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert showed how Giuliani’s appearance on Hannity completely contradicts previous statements made by Trump and Cohen. Straight up, Giuliani says that Trump did know about the payment, and had been paying Cohen back for it in monthly installments.

Still, Trump insists that an affair never happened (via Twitter), and Giuliani says this doesn’t mean Trump had the affair. In other words, they’re admitting to paying out big money to people to hush them up about affairs that never even happened. This sets up Colbert to say what a lot of us are probably thinking, if getting such big money is that easy…

“So, that means anyone can just say they had an affair with Donald Trump, and leave with 130 grand,” Colbert explains. “In that case, I had sex with Donald Trump!”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Will Colbert get a high money settlement check from Cohen soon? I guess we’ll know if he suddenly stops talking about Trump on his show. Something tells me that’s not going to happen though. To see for yourself, tune in when The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. (ET) only on CBS.