John Oliver trolls Donald Trump by buying ad space on Fox News

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver via HBO
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver via HBO /

In an effort to help teach basic math skills to Donald Trump, John Oliver bought ad space on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show for a hilarious spoof ad.

John Oliver is sending a message straight to the president in the best way he knows how.

Last night on Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver focused on the Iran Nuclear Deal. Namely, it’s alarming to Oliver that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know much about it. It’s concerning for a lot of reasons, and, desperate to send the president a message he’ll actually receive, Oliver came up with an interesting solution.

This week, Oliver has purchased some ad space on Fox News during Sean Hannity’s show. As Oliver explains, the president seems to get all of his info from Fox, and he’ll most likely be watching. So during the commercial breaks when Hannity gets done sending his own messages to Trump, Oliver will be airing some ads created specifically for Trump.

In the past, Oliver has bought air space, using a character called the Catheter Cowboy to help demonstrate his points. The Catheter Cowboy is back to help explain basic math to the president and help him understand how serious the Iran Nuclear Deal is. It’s hilarious and clever, and you can watch Oliver deliver in the YouTube video below.

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Will these ads manage to educate the president, leading to him taking the situation with Iran more seriously? Perhaps it’s best not to hold our breath but let’s just wait and see. For more from Oliver, tune in when new episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver air Sunday nights at 11 p.m. EST on HBO.