Bill Maher slams Trump and Giuliani in 4/20 monologue

Bill Maher, via HBO
Bill Maher, via HBO /

Bill Maher celebrated the 4/20 episode of Real Time last night with a hilarious monologue, taking aim at Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, and Rudy Giuliani.

Yesterday was April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20 – the “stoner holiday” celebrated by marijuana smokers across the world. Of course, being a big advocate for marijuana legalization and an admitted smoker, Bill Maher couldn’t have been happier. And he told his viewers as much when he kicked off his opening monologue on last night’s Real Time on HBO.

First, Maher takes some digs at the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt. Maher reveals that Pruitt wants to change the logo of the EPA to a buffalo head and a bible verse. “Because nothing says environmental protection like a picture of an animal we almost drove to extinction, and a book that doesn’t believe in science,” the funnyman jokes.

Maher then move on to speaking about what’s happening with Season 2 of The Celebrity Apprentice: White House Edition – or the latest happenings in Washington. As Maher points out, Rudy Giuliani is now Donald Trump’s new lawyer, putting his name back in the headlines. This leads Maher to quip, “Hey, Rudy got famous by attaching himself to a pile of rubble, it could happen again.”

Noticing a trend, Maher also points out how first Trump went to Washington. Now, with Giuliani heading there as well, it could mean good news for New York. “Congratulations, New York is slowly getting rid of your rat problem,” Maher adds.

You can watch the full monologue in the YouTube video below.

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Maher was clearly having way too much fun with his monologue this week. But then again, as he says himself, he was particularly happy because of the “holiday.” For more from Maher, be sure to tune in Friday nights at 10 PM EST when Real Time with Bill Maher airs on HBO.