Stephen Colbert slams Donald Trump’s foreign policy WWE style

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Noticing that Donald Trump seems to be bringing his background in pro wrestling into his foreign policy, Stephen Colbert responded as El Trumpo Loco.

It looks like somebody better call “Mean” Gene Okerlund…

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert kicked off his monologue saying he didn’t even know where to begin. There was so much big news to cover that taking it all in is akin to swallowing a cow whole. So Colbert tells his viewers that’s what they’re going to do by starting with the head of the beast – Donald Trump!

Per the norm, Trump has been on Twitter saying all kinds of crazy things. But lately it’s been a bit scarier than usual, as the president seems to be openly taunting Russia. Trump bragged about American missiles being able to bypass Russia because they’re nice, new, and smart. “Is there any way we could make those missiles president?” Colbert jokes.

All of the threats and flexing makes Colbert feel that Trump is bringing his background in wrestling into our foreign policy. So, in response, Colbert dons a pro wrestling mask with a blonde hairpiece attached to the top. In character, Colbert does his best pro wrestler impersonation, saying such things as, “If you candy-ass jabronis think I won’t plunge the world into a global conflict that destroys civilization as we know it, then you don’t know El Trumpo Loco brother!”

You can watch the monologue in the YouTube video below.

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