Dana Carvey portrays John Bolton on The Late Show

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Stephen Colbert’s longtime pal Dana Carvey paid a visit to The Late Show, donning a John Bolton disguise for a mock interview with Colbert.

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Dana Carvey hasn’t missed a step!

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert spoke about new National Security Adviser John Bolton. He details the negative reputation the “madman” currently has, which includes stories of him bullying others who undermine him. To help clear things up, Colbert says he is bringing in Bolton himself to answer some questions via satellite!

Of course, the real Bolton didn’t appear on the show. Fully decked out to look like Bolton, Dana Carvey would show up to field the questions for a mock interview. It’s clear right away from the laugh he does in character that fans of Carvey’s are in for a treat. It feels almost like watching The Dana Carvey Show again because the funnyman has definitely still got it!

Carvey takes it to Bolton by going all out with the madman gimmick. He mocks a reported story of Bolton throwing a stapler (among other things) by threatening to go after Colbert with one. “Bolton” says that the stories about him being a bully are just “hogwash and poppycock,” adding that he’s as soft and tame as General Snowball — Bolton’s mustache!

You can watch the entire bit in the YouTube video below.

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