Bill Hader says Justin Bieber was the worst-ever SNL guest

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Bill Hader and fellow former SNL star Jay Pharaoh agree that pop star Justin Bieber is the most misbehaved celebrity guest they ever worked with.

There’s no doubt that Justin Bieber has tons of fans across the globe, but Bill Hader is not among them!

Recently, Hader appeared as a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen along with Jay Pharaoh. The two were both performers on Saturday Night Live together when Bieber came onto the program as a guest. So when they were asked who the worst ever guest to deal with on the show was, both Hader and Pharaoh thought of Bieber right away.

Hader describes Bieber’s behavior at the time as seeming like he was in a rough place. “Maybe he’s in a better place [now]. But back then, it was rough,” he adds. The comic actor notes that Bieber just seemed really exhausted during his time at the show, like he was “at the end of a rope.” While the two manage to avoid saying anything overtly negative about Bieber, it’s clear from their words and reactions that their time with him on the set was far less than pleasant.

Certainly, the caller with the question got the answer she was looking for. You can watch Hader and Pharaoh explain it themselves in the video below.

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Saturday Night Live will return to NBC with all new episodes on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Are you surprised about Justin Bieber’s behavior? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.