John Oliver stresses just how important Italy’s election is

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Most Americans don’t seem to be concerned about the upcoming election in Italy, but as John Oliver explained on Last Week Tonight, they really should be.

It seems that the election system in Italy isn’t exactly much better off…

Last night, John Oliver return to HBO with an all new episode of Last Week Tonight. For his primary topic, Oliver spent some time speaking about the upcoming election in Italy. And if you don’t know why this is something we should perhaps care about, Oliver is here to explain some of the concerning things about it.

In less than a week’s time now, there will be an election in Italy which will eventually determine the next Prime Minister. Familiar to some of the things we’ve seen in the United States, political groups have gotten violent in the days leading up to the election. As Oliver puts it, Italy is now dabbling in fascism, with is something that should worry everyone. The last time they did that, as Oliver explains, they wound up with Mussolini — “the Turner to Hitler’s Hooch.”

And that’s just how Oliver is getting started. He gives a complete rundown on both of the primary candidates in the running, revealing scores of details about each of them. What’s notable is how one of them apparently has his own mock volcano in his home, despite there being no pictures of it. So Oliver closes out the show by showing off his own recreated volcano right there in the studio!

You can watch the full segment in the YouTube video below, courtesy of HBO.

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