Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, February 23?

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Season 16 of Real Time with Bill Maher has been hilariously amazing so far, but will the show be back on HBO tonight with an all new episode?

Season 16 of Bill Maher’s HBO program Real Time has been hilariously amazing so far. Even after so many years, Maher has proven that he hasn’t missed a step and is as funny as ever. It’s no surprise that HBO has renewed the program into 2020, meaning we’ll have Maher on the air for many years to come.

With that said, where does that leave us tonight? Will there be an all new episode premiering on HBO at the usual time? Or will there not be a new episode tonight at all?

Let’s get right to it. Unfortunately, the answer is no. There won’t be a new episodes premiering tonight as the show is taking a quick break. New episodes will resume on March 2, 2018. That’s just one week away, though that doesn’t mean we won’t be missing Maher tonight.

For what it’s worth, it’s not a total bust on HBO this weekend. John Oliver will be back on Sunday night with an all new episode of Last Week Tonight. Sure, we have to go without Maher on Friday night, but we’ll be capping the weekend off right. Be sure to tune in, and then come back next Friday for more of Bill Maher!

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Real Time with Bill Maher will return to HBO with all new episodes on March 2, 2018. What do you want to see Maher talk about when he comes back? Let us know in the comments section below!