Daily Show: Trump supporter will lose his business to border wall

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The Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic met with a Donald Trump supporter whose career will be destroyed if the border wall is actually built.

Sometimes, it seems like these Trump supporters are a special breed…

In a new segment posted on the official YouTube account for The Daily Show, Desi Lydic met with Trump supporter Jeremy Barnard for a one-on-one interview. Barnard is the owner River Bend Resort and Golf Club in Brownsville, Texas, which is located near the Mexican border. If Trump’s proposed border wall is actually built, it would literally cut through the resort, effectively shutting it down and putting Barnard out of a job.

Still, Barnard is happy to admit he’s a Trump supporter, and discloses he voted for Trump to be president. As for the wall, he swears he thought it was a metaphorical thing only, as if it was just a figure of speech. “That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard,” Lydic responds. She hammers the point in further by listing off a plethora of times Trump swore his wall would be a real, physical wall.

“For Jeremy and millions of Trump supporters just like him, there’s nothing Trump could do wrong,” Lydic laments. Though she gets Barnard to cop to one thing he doesn’t like about Trump, which is apparently the way he drove a golf cart on the green. It wasn’t the Muslim ban, the ties to Russia, or any of the other scandals or controversies attached to Trump — it was him driving on the green.

You can watch the full bit in the video below.

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